When the Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program (MTCP) launches its inaugural session this June, participants will be clad in MTCP-branded attire provide by EMBRACE THE RACE®, exclusive provider of The Apparel for the Horse Racing Lifestyle®.

“The goal of the MTCP is to introduce our participants to the various facets of the Thoroughbred industry and the multitude of career paths available to them,” states MTCP coordinator Jordyn Egan. “The EMBRACE THE RACE® brand encompasses the endless possibilities that we are aiming to reinforce with the program; we are grateful that they have come alongside us in this endeavor.”

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EMBRACE THE RACE® is the universal symbol of the magical connection between the power, speed and majesty of equine athletes and the humans who celebrate them. Wear What You Love™ at embracetherace.com.

The MTCP is an educational program presented by the Maryland Horse Industry Foundation, which serves the various educational and charitable needs of the Maryland horse industry.

Learn more at marylandhorseindustryfoundation.org or contact Jordyn Egan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..