The 2019 Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program (MTCP) participants have been selected. "This was a very competitive pool of applicants and it was difficult to narrow the group down to six. We are excited that the number of applications for the MTCP is on the rise and appreciative of the support that the program has received from the industry," said Jordyn Egan, director of development for the MHIF. The 2019 edition of the MTCP is scheduled to run June 3-8. This year's participants are:

Our Annual Egg Hunt on the Farm will take place at Sagamore Farm on Sunday, April 14th.

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CAMPAIGN UPDATE - jan 14, 2019

Thanks to your generosity, we managed to surpass our short-term 2018 fundraising goal ($10,000) by $1,150. As of today, the campaign total sits at just over $13,150 - nearly half way to our total goal of $30,000 by Oct 31, 2019!

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October 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of the Maryland Horse Industry Foundation. We have a lot to celebrate, so we decided to kick off the party a few months early and keep it going all year! Being a nonprofit - by party, we mean fundraising campaign. Between now (July 2018) and Oct. 2019, we plan to raise an extra $30,000 to support our growing menu of educational programs.

Hear from the 2018 Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program participants.

By Sara Gordon

As foaling season produces a new and promising generation of racing stock, the Maryland Horse Industry Foundation hopes to launch a new generation of its own: college students interested in finding careers within the Thoroughbred industry. Since the successful launch of the program last June, organizers spent the beginning of 2018 accepting applications and preparing for the second running of the Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program, which will run from June 4-9, this year. While MHIF prepares for the new class, those who participated in the inaugural running continue to make headway, while taking what they learned from the Maryland industry with them each step of the way.