• The Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program will:

    The Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program will:

    Increase awareness of the diverse career options in the Thoroughbred industry
  • The Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program will:

    The Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program will:

    Give participants access to leaders in all facets of the Maryland Thoroughbred industry
  • The Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program will:

    The Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program will:

    Highlight various paths for pursuing a career in the Thoroughbred industry
  • The Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program will:

    The Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program will:

    Address a critical need to attract and retain experienced employees
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2018 Testimonials

“My experience with the Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program was truly memorable and really helped me shape my career goals. Throughout the week, I was able to speak one-on-one with professionals in all facets of the Thoroughbred racing industry. Learning about what their profession entails on a day-to-day basis as well as what they accomplished in order to be successful really helped me see what I want to be a part of. I was amazed (and still am) at the number of jobs in the racing industry; without participating in the 2018 MTCP I would still be trying to understand all of the different careers I am interested in, instead I feel much more confident about my future plans. To anyone that is interested in the Thoroughbred racing industry, I would highly recommend applying for the MTCP, it was an amazing experience and I am so thankful for the opportunity!” – Camille Lee

“The Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program allowed me to delve into the many unexplored facets of the Thoroughbred industry and gain experiences that I might not have the opportunity to encounter, including sales, track management, and rehabilitation. I was able to gain important connections and new tools that I can carry with me for the rest of my career. My favorite part of the program was the diversity that it provides. Although I am studying to be a veterinarian, each and every individual I met, be it a jockey, track manager, or horse breeder, gave me valuable advice that I can apply in my work. The most important things I learned during the MTCP couldn’t come from a textbook or class, but only from years of errors and successes that our hosts had experienced. It was truly incredible to see how open these individuals were to share the lessons that they had learned and to be mentors for the future generation of the industry. I came out of the MTCP with dozens of new connections in all aspects of the industry who are willing to guide me through any path I choose.” – Farah Staebell

“The MTCP is an amazing program that allows participants to learn more about employment in the Maryland Thoroughbred industry. It made me rethink my career path, and opened my eyes to the size and ability of the horse industry to provide sustainable jobs. As someone who always knew I would have to work with horses as a career, I thought I needed to get either a DVM or PhD. I was set on a PhD, but the program allowed me to discover jobs I would love doing that don’t require another degree. It has also helped me to discover my love for racing and excitement to get out to the track. We met some amazing and well-respected members of the industry, each shared important information to steer us to our niche. I plan to stay updated on races and news within the industry, and to keep contacts with those that had the greatest impact on me.” – Lauren Carter

“When I began the application for the Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program I was excited for the possibilities I believed it would provide, but after completing the week, I can say that it has provided so much more than just possibilities. This program opens doors into the Thoroughbred industry that I did not even know existed. From traveling to the many different successful breeding and training programs to exploring the workings of a major racetrack, the MTCP has provided me and my fellow participants with connections to some of the most welcoming, passionate, and knowledgeable people. I have no doubt that I will be able to find my place within the industry after completing this program. I have gained great friends and mentors from the week, and for that I will forever be grateful to have been a part of the Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in even the smallest aspect of the Thoroughbred industry.” – Brianna Higgs

“My experience in the MTCP was wonderful! I went into the program with an opened mind and continued to have one throughout the week. This program helped me narrow down the career path that I want to follow. The program showed the many different viewpoints and paths that have lead individuals to be successful in the equine industry. This was a great experience and I’m so thankful that I was able to participate.” – Amber Roher

“The MTCP was an incredible opportunity for me to see what’s out there and meet our industry professionals. The horse industry is also a people industry, so it’s so important to build these connections now for a meaningful career in the future. I saw careers and aspects I didn’t even know existed, and I even landed an amazing summer job at a breeding farm because of the people I met in this program. This is a great opportunity for any goal-oriented person that wants to see what’s out there.” – Kandace Tignor

2017 Testimonials

"The Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program aims to immerse you into each aspect of the Maryland Thoroughbred industry and the experience I had at the inaugural program far surpassed that intent. Each action packed day allowed us to network with people who were incredibly welcoming and knowledgeable, granted us access to phenomenal facilities and operations, and allowed us to grow as professionals with other youth with similar passions. I would recommend this program to anyone from anywhere who is passionate about horses and has a thirst for learning." - Sidney Boots

“The Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program allowed me to explore many different career options within the Thoroughbred industry. I met and spoke with leaders in the various fields of the industry, met some amazing fellow interns, and was able to visit many beautiful farms and facilities. Everyone was so kind and it was great to see that so many people were excited for us to be there. It truly was an insightful, worthwhile, and fun experience that I am grateful to have been a part of!” - Katie Brooks

“Coming into the Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program, I expected that I would meet several of the top leaders in the industry and make some important contacts along the way. What I didn't anticipate was the overwhelming wave of support and encouragement we received from every single person, farm, and organization. Everyone we met expressed a sincere desire to see young students rise to become the newest contributors to the industry, and offered us professional insight and advice. I learned about areas of the industry that initially appealed to me, and was also able to see how my interests and career goals fit into a much larger picture. I now feel more educated and aware of the vast impacts of the industry, where it has been, and where it is headed.” - Megan George

"I applied for the Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program because I wanted to expand my knowledge about the opportunities throughout the Thoroughbred industry. But I found even more than that. I've met amazing people with great stories of success, spectacular breeding and training operations, and they all connect through one thing: a passionate community. One thing I heard quite often was that being in the industry isn't just a job, it's a livelihood. It's something that touches everyone involved and connects them through their love of the horse and the sport. You get to witness and experience all of that, and even more, participating in this program. I truly will treasure the time I've spent in it and all the connections I've made. If you want to delve into the industry, if you truly want to be a part of a dedicated community, I recommend applying to this program. This experience is something I will never forget!" - Sara Gordon

“This week has been one of the best experiences I have had in the horse industry. I was chosen to be a part of the very first Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program, put on by the Maryland Horse Industry Foundation. We spent the week touring farms and talking to people within the MD Thoroughbred Racing industry, and I can honestly say I was blown away by the amount of possible careers and also by how open, kind, and genuine everyone was. All of the people we talked to were just as excited for us to be a part of the industry as we were! If you are interested in the Thoroughbred industry, I highly recommend this program. After this week, I truly feel like I could find a place in this industry, and I am thankful for the MTCP team for making this week such an enjoyable experience.” - Tabitha Gregory

“As a big fan of Maryland racing, I knew all about how great the racing was in the state, but I did not know much about all the behind-the-scenes components that make it work. Through the MTCP, I was able to visit numerous farms and racetracks, and learn all about the inner workings of the Maryland industry. I feel like a more well-rounded racing fan because of it, and would strongly recommend the experience to anyone.” - John Piassek

When the Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program (MTCP) launches its inaugural session this June, participants will be clad in MTCP-branded attire provide by EMBRACE THE RACE®, exclusive provider of The Apparel for the Horse Racing Lifestyle®.

The Maryland Horse Industry Foundation (MHIF) is pleased to announce the six people selected to participate in the inaugural Maryland Thoroughbred Career Program (MTCP). They are:

  • Sidney Boots – University of Kentucky
  • Katie Brooks – University of Maryland
  • Megan George – University of Maryland
  • Sara Gordon – Virginia Tech
  • Tabitha Gregory – University of Maryland
  • John Piassek – Loyola University Maryland

“We were thrilled to receive a large number of applications from high quality candidates; narrowing the group down to six was difficult,” said MTCP coordinator, Jordyn Egan. “The level of interest in the program confirmed our hypothesis that there are many young people eager to learn more about careers in the Thoroughbred industry. It is an exciting time in Maryland, and we are honored to walk alongside the participants as their career paths come into focus.”

Maryland Horse Industry Foundation board member Jim Steele states, “The MTCP is an exciting program that coincides well with the Maryland Horse Breeders Association’s move to Goucher College. I believe that it will help young people get involved in various aspects of the Maryland horse industry that they may not have known about prior to this opportunity.”

MTCP participants, outfitted by EMBRACE THE RACE®, will have access to the leaders of the Maryland Thoroughbred Industry during site visits exploring everything from breeding and sales to aftercare, racetrack management and beyond. Each participant will be encouraged to absorb the entire scope of the industry while refining specific areas of interest so that their next steps can be defined.

The MTCP is an educational program presented by the Maryland Horse Industry Foundation, which serves the various educational and charitable needs of the Maryland horse industry. The 2017 MTCP will run from June 5-10th. Be sure to follow the participants on their journey via social media (@MarylandTB).



  • What is the MTCP?

    The MTCP is a career development initiative started by the Maryland Horse Industry Foundation with the purpose of increasing awareness of the diverse career options in the Thoroughbred industry, giving participants access to leaders in all facets of the Maryland Thoroughbred industry, highlighting various paths for pursuing a career in Read More
  • Who can apply?

    The program is open to United States residents between the ages of 17 and 22. Read More
  • When are applications due?

    Applications for the 2019 MTCP are due April 19, 2019. Read More
  • What are the dates of the 2019 MTCP?

    The 2019 program will run from June 3-8. Read More
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Sample Schedule

Day Topic
Monday Intro, Industry Overview & MHBA/MML/MAT
Tuesday Training & Rehabilitation
Wednesday Stallion Operations
Thursday Breeding and Raising Young Horses
Friday Sales company and consignors
Saturday Racetrack Management and Day at the Races