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Laurel Park Rooftop
Laurel Park Rooftop 2019
Laurel Park Big Chair
Laurel Park Big Chair 2019
Laurel Park Backstretch
Laurel Park Backstretch 2019
Harford Hill Farm
Harford Hill Farm 2019
Sagamore Tapeta Track
Sagamore Tapeta Track 2019
Shamrock Farm Breeding Shed
Shamrock Farm Breeding Shed 2019
Shamrock Farm  copy
Shamrock Farm copy Jim Steele 2019
Days End Farm Horse Rescue
Days End Farm Horse Rescue 2019
Days End Farm Horse Rescue
Days End Farm Horse Rescue 2019
Country Life Stallion Barn
Country Life Stallion Barn Freedom Child 2019
Country Life House
Country Life House Christy Holden 2019
Country Life Farm
Country Life Farm 2019
Laurel Park Track
Laurel Park Track Tom LaMarra & Jessica Hammond 2019
Merryland Training Barn
Merryland Training Barn Christy Holden 2019
Laurel Park TIPS
Laurel Park TIPS Lunch on final day! 2019
Merryland Farm Training
Merryland Farm Training 2019


  • What is the MTCP?

    The MTCP is a career development initiative started by the Maryland Horse Industry Foundation with the purpose of increasing awareness of the diverse career options in the Thoroughbred industry, giving participants access to leaders in all facets of the Maryland Thoroughbred industry, highlighting various paths for pursuing a career in Read More
  • Who can apply?

    The program is open to United States residents between the ages of 17 and 22. Read More
  • When are applications due?

    Applications for the 2020 MTCP are due April 24, 2020. Read More
  • What are the dates of the 2020 MTCP?

    The 2020 program will run from June 8-13. Read More
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Sample Schedule

Day Topic
Monday Maryland horse industry overview, sales/consignment, regulation
Tuesday Equine nutrition, farm visits - broodmares management, stallions
Wednesday Equine rescue, farm visits - foaling, yearling consignment
Thursday Equine veterinary care, steeplechase racing, racing/breeding partnerships
Friday Fair Hill training center - training, veterinary care, equine therapy
Saturday Racing office operations, racetrack management, horsemen's relations